Sun, Oct 16, 2011 - 29K - 03:30:00
29K Family/Britzer Garten Run
Took off with the whole family for 5K, everyone finished strong and then I took off for 25 more, listened to my French audio recording on my Foreign Language Learning site, worked out pretty well, need to record it at a higher volume the format is useful for oral language review, you'd be surprised how much you don't understand from your own reading, great to link what you hear to what you read. Also listened to StackExchange Podcast #22 a decent conversation about the language-design woes of PHP (nothing surprising there), and thoughts on running startups. I ran on into Britzer Garten showing the Year Pass I got for my birthday, a beautiful place even when it's not in full bloom, also by the time I got out the other side had run 3.1 kilometers through it. Came out on Buckower Chausee then ran straight up into Neukölln and entered the east side of Tempelhof Park which was bursting full of people as far as you could see, probably over 200 flying kites, plus dozens of other activities/sports. What a unique place, LOTS of space. Then just trucked it on home down past Priesterweg. Didn't push for speed today but got the kilometers in. 
started off with a family 5K run, cool but sunny: 
then took off for the rest: 
running down Kamenzer Damm: 
need to check out this wild, spacious park sometime outside Britzer Garten, couldn't find a name for it, on Britzterstr.: 
not in Kansas anymore: 
entering Britzer: 
an expansive park: 
had fun playing on these giant toys last time we were here: 
fun running: 
German thoroughness: 
not many flowers as in summer, but lots of fall colors: 
more fall colors: 
I remember this from my runs in 2008, something you don't forget easily: 
quick refresher: 
into the heart of Neukölln: 
a poster warning against the privitization of the German railway: 
Tempelhof Park, the most expansive park I know: 
a kite-flying paradise: 
the familiar IKEA underpass: 
and the familiar Priesterweg 2K straight-away toward home: