Sat, Jul 17, 2021 - 41K - 06:00:23
41K Run Through Berlin From Hennigsdorf to Steglitz via Siemensstadt and Tegel
So that was the last training run before my upcoming 46K ultra marathon. I wasn't really satisfied with my speed particularly after 35K but I think a lot of that came from being heaten up and beaten down by the overhead sun, which won't be a factor in the ultra marathon starting at 18:00.  
One aspect I like about these long runs is the sense of an hours-long, grand tour of changing landscapes and urban areas, today from Hennigsdorf through Heiligensee, Konradshöhe, along the Hohenzollernkanal, through the unique Schrebergarten area that borders the former Tegel Airport and then straight down through Plötzensee, Moabit, Tiergarten, Schöneberg to Steglitz.  
So I feel relatively prepared for the upcoming race. I could weigh a couple kilos less but at least my legs should be strong enough from the past weeks' 31K, 33K, 35K, 37K, 39K and 41K train runs to clock off 46 kilometers in six hours. We'll see!