Mon, Jan 13, 2014 - 17K - 02:00:00
17K Teltow Run with Gisi
Had a time window while the sun was still out on Sunday, so Gisi and I took off for a "long winter's run" into the setting sun down the canal to Teltow and then up into Zehlendorf and back down to the canal and back home, finishing in the dark. We were running at the same time Pete was running his Disney marathon so this was another intercontinental, we-feel-your-pain support run for Pete. Always fun! And here it was a beautiful day to run, we kept a steady pace, Gisi listening to her music and I ran ahead listening to Dan Carlin's history of the Roman Republic, mostly about Sulla and the first civil war leading up to the Roman Empire, gory stuff, I'll remember it in March as we are running down the same streets where "the heads of great commanders were carried through the city on stakes" every time a new army crashed into the city and won a battle in the contest to restore order in one of the most powerful cities in the known world at that time. 68 more days till we run through Roman streets!