Sun, Jul 12, 2015 - 38K - 03:30:00
38K Grunewald Loop Run
Got out the door late afternoon, wonderful running weather, cool and always about to rain but never really did so kept things cool. Did a zig-zag through the nice neighborhood of Dahlem, ran along Archivstr. for some Vu-ja-de experiences and wonderful smell of pine, then up Clay Allee to Grunewald S-Bahn visited Gleis 17 and paused for the moment to remember the horrible events that occurred there 1941-1945, then visited the Reitschule where we used to take Karla to ride a horse, wonderful memories, and then up through new territory to find a route to Heerstr., nice area there between AVUS and ICC, ran eastward on Heerstr. to Tankstelle, loaded up on food and drink for the long run down through Grunewald and took off, wonderful smell of trees the whole way and fun up and down hills, many sport bikes, and found a little inlet to get to the Wannsee water and went for a cool down, head rag in water, then took off again through the rest of the forest. Once you get to the AVUS, you're under, run down a hill and you're at the Schlachtensee path, it started to get darker here and my legs were quite beat, but settled into a steady pace and made it down to Zehlendorf S-Bahn, under and took the diagnal Finckensteinallee all the way to Bäkestr. over the canal now completely dark and ran through light rain the last kilometers home. Almost 100 days to Athens, good to now have a near-marathon run in my summer training.