Thu, Aug 11, 2016 - 12K - 01:30:00
12K Strasbourg Run
Got out the door of our hotel at 7:30 AM just in time to run through the general rush of people on their way to work. It was difficult dodging both the fast-walking pedestrians and the many bikes that were zooming past. This was my second recovery run and my left leg with pulled hamstring felt good with no pain whatsoever for the first 8K, then just as I was approaching the European Parliament buildings, I felt a tug inside my left leg and immediately stopped. I could walk fine, but when I ran, I could feel my hamstring muscle get tighter and tighter until I had to stop. Luckily I didn't push it over the limit and avoided any sharp pain. I spent the last 4K finding a way to run on it that would not make it tighter and eventually found that if I lean forward and keep both legs as straight as I can, then coming down on it does not make my hamstring muscle tighter. It currently feels a bit tight but I can walk on it and hope to allow it to heal this way over time while still being able to do short 10K-15K runs until the marathon. MRT is scheduled for next week so will know more. On the scenic side, it was a beautiful fun, especially after arriving at the Quai Jacoutot leading up to the European Parliament buildings and after climbing down the stone steps and running along the River Ill.