Sun, Mar 28, 2021 - 30K - 03:35:46
30K Run along Berlin Wall Meeting Hannah at 20K
Hannah didn't feel up to the 30K today so joined me at Gustav Heinemann school which was my 20K point and we ran 10K the rest of the way back home. For me, this was a repeat run from earlier this month, a very nice 30K run which you can run through Berlin without literally waiting for a stop light, perhaps one time in Adlershof but otherwise it is mostly along the former Berlin Wall and the Teltow Canal and so wide-open path running for hours.  
Hannah and I coordinated our meetup time with Google maps live tracking and she arrived at the 20K point right at the Gustave Heinemann Oberschule about 4 minutes before my arrival. She ran off ahead of me and it was clear that she had fresher legs, but after about 15 minutes, I caught back up with her and we passed each other back and forth for awhile. At 25K, however, after I gave handed her her gel, she took off and I never saw her again, only later hearing that she finished with a 01:16:10. My run from 26K to 30K was painful, not sure I could have finished a marathon today, legs were quite broken down when I finally arrived home.  
The 30K route is definitely cool, there is literally only place where you might have to stop at the beginning, but other than that wide open, free running for 30K along the edge Berlin.