Tue, Jan 21, 2020 - 7K - 00:45:19
11th Morning Run with Hannah, First 7K (45:19)
Gisi informed us from her run on Saturday that the Teltowkanal path was open again and the detour around the hospital was closed. This meant that the 6K route that Hannah and I had run for the past 10 morning runs would be closed, so we would have to think up a new route. On Google Earth, I marked off a proposed 5K, 6K and 7K run and Hannah picked the 7K which goes straight down Teltowkanal all the way to Königsberger Straße, to Lichterfelder Ost, then returns via Lankwitz in a large loop. This seemed like a good choice since more than half of the run would be in street-lamp-lit streets.  
Since we were doing an extra kilometer and needed to get back to get ready for school and work, we vowed to be ready right at 5:30, and we actually got out the door at 5:32. As usual, I started waking up about 500m of running, seeing that every car was covered with frost, quite chilly, then we entered the pitch black zone from Birkbuschstraße all the way to Königsberger Straße, although it was a beautiful clear sky with stars. When we got to Königsberger Straße, I was then able to turn off my smart-phone lamp there all the way to the end.  
Hannah finished the 7K with a 45:19, which is under a 6:30 pace, not bad for a training run about 40% in the dark. Two weeks to our Lyon run.