Fri, Jan 26, 2018 - 13K - 01:15:00
13K After-Work Run with timed Tiergarten 5K (23:48)
To increase the chance that I run a 23:27 or better and thus get another top-ten time again, after work I took the S-Bahn to Friedrichstr. for a short 1 kilometer warm-up run to my Tiergarten starting line, really felt good during run but couldn't get better than a 23:48, my sixth sub-24 5K in a row now. Afterwards, I had a fun trek through the city back home, a cool and refreshing night of lights and cold air, this time ran through the streets north of the Schlossstraße in Steglitz, at that time of night not many cars and so was able to run down the middle of the streets for the most part. Hannah called me about a kilometer before I was home and asked if we wanted to go get some Müsli at the store, so met her on the Siemensbrücke and had a little after-run shopping tour at late-night Edeka. Two months till the Seville Marathon, I need to get some mega runs in during the next few weeks, but am satisfied with my 5K speeds at the moment.