Sun, Sep 23, 2018 - 11K - 01:30:00
11K Rainy Run from Hauptbahnhof to Innsbrucker Platz with Timed Tiergarten 5K (23:56)
We brought my father-in-law to the train station today, so I donned my running clothes for a run home from the Hauptbahnhof. When I took off out of the doors of the train station it was already sprinkling, and within the next hour turned into quite a wet run.  
After a wet kilometer warm-up run to the starting line of my 5K Tiergarten loop, I felt ready to run, feeling much lighter with my 77 kilos down from 81 this summer, and the wet and cool conditions are also perfect for maximum speed. I thought I might get into the low 24s but actually got into the 23s again with a 23:56, which is a 4:47 kilometer pace. I remember thinking during my run that I once calculated that running a 24:00 5K pace will get you a 03:22:00 marathon time, which as I ran made me contemplate the fitness these people have who work full-time jobs and have busy lives,but who also casually run 3-4 hour marathons. 
In any case, for my meager 5K length at this speed, my legs felt quite strong, lungs and legs working together today, was at the turn-around point at 16:40 and was able to push it on the way back. It is a joy to carry less weight when you run, hopefully I can get down to my BMI weight of 73 with my new Intervall Diät, i.e. eating light meals during the eight hours of 12:00-20:00 and for the remaining 16 hours of the day fasting mostly on tea and coffee and juice.  
After I bought a drink at Innsbrucker Platz, I saw the 187 and decided I had had enough running in cold rain for the day, so hopped in the warm bus which took me to the Insulaner Planetarium, which, to the consternation of everyone in the bus, was the Endstation, and so hopped out and had a refreshingly wet 1K warm-down run back home.