Sun, Oct 3, 2021 - 34K - 03:55:59
34K Golm to Steglitz
Wanted to get another long run in before the Rotterdam Marathon, so left the house on Sunday morning at 5:30 taking a bus, a subway and a regional train out to Golm, a little town west that has a Potsdam University campus where I worked back in 1993-94. I discovered that 25 years had almost completely changed the medley of buildings on the campus, one of them where I used to have lunch was now just a hole in the ground, apparently leveled recently.  
But as soon as I left the campus and began running through Golm and Potsdam, memories from a quarter century ago began to resurface. Neues Palais looked quite the same, a bit more renovated perhaps, and Sanssouci Park still had a certain 18th century regality with its literally hundreds of proud statues, and of course Sanssouci itself where Frederick the Great apparently played the flute and spoke French as then Europe's perhaps most liberal king.  
Running through Potsdam and over the Glienecke Brücke brought back memories of both the half marathons in Potsdam with Thorsten and my 14K run with Hannah there. I then passed through Griebnitzsee Bahnhof, through the forest to Dreilinden and then through Kleinmachnow back to the canal, then along the canal back home.  
Gisi met me at about 33K so we walked home from there. My legs felt surprisingly strong and unphased by the 30K+ run, a nice sign.