Thu, Jul 30, 2020 - 9K - 01:11:17
9K After-Work run with IKEA 5K Timed-Run (25:02)
Last Thursday Hannah was in Schwagstorf so I didn't have a running partner for my after-work 5K training, and without a running partner, there's little incentive to do three 5Ks instead of one 5K so I just did one 5K. I was quite slow at my first three time-check points, but somehow gained speed and finished with a typical time for summer trainings: 25:02. I can't seem to get significantly below 25:00 again. I'm on my 100-day-power-push with Hannah and so this run concluded my second week of four starve days in a row. I did low-carb this week, and suspect that this is why I have less energy on my 5Ks, or perhaps its just from eating so much less (once a day at lunch, with a feeling of almost permanent light hunger).