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Notes on video lecture:
The Life of William Wordsworth
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
Hutchinson, Cottage, Romanticism, five, Switzerland, Coleridge, Hawkshead, mountainous, vocation, Walk, revolutionary, Prelude, English, financial, poet, parental, community, Dorothy, natural, brotherhood, writer, Vallon, Calais, Cockermouth, John
William Wordsworth
one of the greatest poets of the                language
born 1770 in                       , north west England
English lake district
                       area know for its scenery
much of his poetry especially his                described his childhood in this area
nature took on                  role for him
who died when he was 13
formally schooled in grammar school in                   
1787 Cambridge University, St.         's College
composed poem An Evening's         
1793 first published volume
1790s two trips to continental Europe
1. in 1790 walking through France and                       
2. in 1791-92 residing in France
country was in                            fervor
Bastille had been stormed in 1789
Wordsworth became increasingly interested in liberty, equality, and                       
love affair with French woman Annette             
1792 gave birth to their child
1793 outbreak of war between Britain and France
1802 visited her in              with her 9-year-old child
"It is a beauteous evening, calm and free"
1795 received legacy to have the financial freedom to become a         
a role he felt was his                 
met Samuel Taylor                   
Wordsworth and his sister                moved to Alfoxton House, Somerset, just a few miles away from Coleridge's home in Nether Stowey
1798 published Lyrical Ballads together
significant landmark in English literature
an early contribution which was later christened                       
renewed interested in                world
emphasis on the feelings of the individual
belief in the creative power of poet's imagination
1799 returned to settle in Lake District
with sister Dorothy, an important              herself
frequently visited by Coleridge
three writers created a supportive and constructive literary                   
worked on The Prelude, a piece recognized as his masterpiece
1802 William and Dorothy traveled to Calais to meet Annette and Caroline
brief piece between the countries
made arrangements for their                    support
explained he was going to marry Mary                     
1802 William and Mary married
son John born the next year
first of          children
wrote much of greatest poetry in Dove                (Town End, Grasmere)
surrounding area providing subject matter for many of his works
1808 larger family now moved to larger house
1813 Rydal Mount
1814 The Excursion
1843 poetry laureate
1855 sister Dorothy died

Ideas and Concepts:

British vocabulary via tonight's William Wordsworth class: "fell-walking, n. a term for walking in the mountainous areas of Northern England, especially in the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales, based on the dialect word fell, for high, uncultivated land."
The Life of William Wordsworth