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The Art of Poetry
This course is about the pleasures of poetry, with plenty of specific examples. The underlying principle is: The more you know about an art, the more pleasure you will find in it.
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Interplanetary Languages
1 People I Have Learned About in this Course:
George Gascoigne (1535-1577)
  • most important English poet of the early Elizabethan era, following Sir Thomas Wyatt and Henry Howard
  • most noted works include "A Discourse of the Adventures of Master FJ" (1573), an account of courtly sexual intrigue and one of the earliest English prose fictions
  • "The Supposes" (1573) an early translation of Ariosto and the first comedy written in English prose
  • he was taken prisoner after the evacuation of Valkenburg by English troops during the Siege of Leiden, and was sent to England in the autumn of 1574, afterwards dedicating to Lord Grey de Wilton the story of his adventures, "The Fruites of Warres"
  • he acknowledged Chaucer as his master, and differed from the earlier poets of the school of Surrey and Wyatt chiefly in the greater smoothness and sweetness of his verse