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Introduction to Italian Opera
Explore Italian Opera in this two-act learning experience as we learn to listen to music in new ways.
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Le nozze di Figaro: The Music Conveys the Drama
1 People I Have Learned About in this Course:
Vicente Martín y Soler (1754-1806)
Spanish composer of opera and ballet in his day compared favorably with his contemporary, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, as a composer of opera buffa
  • born in Valencia and studied music in Bologna under Giovanni Battista Martini
  • he has been called the Valencian Mozart
  • in 1777, he travelled to Naples, where he composed for the Teatro di San Carlo
  • in 1785 he moved to Vienna, where he enjoyed great success with three operas composed to texts by Lorenzo Da Ponte, who was simultaneously collaborating with Mozart and Antonio Salieri
  • the three comedies were Una cosa rara (1786), Il burbero di buon cuore (1786), and L'arbore di Diana (1787)
  • in 1788, Soler was invited to the Russian court at St. Petersburg, where he wrote three Russian language operas: The Unfortunate Hero Kosmetovich (1789), Melomania (1790), and Fedul and his Children (1791)
  • moving to London for the 1795, including La capricciosa corretta (the libretto again by Lorenzo Da Ponte and partly adapted from Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew)