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What is the Talmud?
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
ideology, Purity, beginners, Holidays, Torah, Bible, tractates, Babylonian, literal, primary, five, interpretation, 19th, widespread, Gemara, Oral, Talmud, format, 750, Book, expands, logic, Rabbinic, Mishna, Synagogue, Hebrew, Palestinian
Jews have long been called the people of the         
the book that is usually presumed to give Jews this title is the           
for a thousand years, another book has been slowly displacing the Bible as this book, the             
Jews continue to venerate the           , the Hebrew term for the first section of the Bible
the Torah is crucial to the                    service where the Talmud is nowhere to be seen
there are          ways that the Talmud has succeeded the Bible partially or in full
1. participates in a process of Biblical                              which replaces the surface meanings of the Bible with the Talmud's own interpretations
sometimes departs significantly from the Bible's                meaning
               the meaning of the Biblical text
2. has become the foundation for Jewish                  whether or not these topics are covered in the Hebrew Bible
3. has been replacing the Bible as the                study text
in a religion that places high value on studying texts
the Talmud's              lends itself to more rigorous study
elite scholars are partial to the Talmud over the Bible
with today's                      access, it is always becoming a primary text for non-elite scholars, e.g. day schools, adult education settings, and self study
4. since the          century, the study of the Talmud has focused as a source of identity for a certain sub-population of Jews
5. with its rhythm,           , and language, the Talmud has long nourished traditional Jewish society
What is the Talmud?
a central text of                  Judaism
a work of literature unlike any other you may have studied
collects and organizes the ideas of Rabbis who lived between 70 CE, when the Romans destroyed the Second Temple of Jerusalem, and        CE, a rough date of the conquest of the Ancient Near East
the Talmud is structured as a commentary to the             , a law code that was orally published around the year 200 CE
the Mishna is highly organized and is composed of six thematic orders
1. Agricultural Law
3. Family Law
4. Sacrifice
5. Criminal and Civil Law
6.              Law
the Talmud is also divided into orders and                   , but the Talmud resists rigid ordering and prefers free-flowing conversation
the feature of the Talmud can make the Talmud feel somewhat inaccessible to                   
the term "Talmud" normally refers to the collection of writings named specifically the                      Talmud
there is also an earlier collection known as the Jerusalem Talmud or                        Talmud
two components
c. 200 CE
a written compendium of Rabbinic Judaism's          Torah
(c. 500 CE), an elucidation of the Mishnah and related Tannaitic writings (from the Rabbinic sages) that often ventures onto other subjects and expounds broadly on the              Bible
the Talmud may refer to either the              alone, or the Mishnah and Gemara together
What is the Talmud?