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What Motivates Us to Do Work
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
painful, four, progress, predict, work, meaningful, chokes, mice, new, misery, merger, bionicals, consultant, build, table, editor, happiness, Sisyphus, see, cancelled, camaraderie, money, demotivated, dismantle, degree, tangible, bottom, deflated, correlation, accomplishment, books, motivate, joy, motivation, prisoners, lower, meaning
labor and motivation
what gets people to         
we often think it is mainly about           
we think more money leads to a higher amount of work
standard thinking is that people are like          in a maze
we think all we care about is the particular                  reward we are getting
there are some jobs that people do just for the money
but human nature has all kinds of drivers that can change our                     
sense of purpose
life meaning
feeling you are doing something for the world
mountain climbing
when you look at mountain climbing and you read their           
these books are often long descriptions of pure             
frost bite
difficult to breathe
it's tough
rock climbers often don't describe their experiences as                    but they are incredibly motivating experiences
yet people are getting some        from mountain climbing
sense of accomplishment
overcoming nature
proving something to yourself
it would be different if
you knew you could never reach the top
you knew when you reached the              again, your memory would be erased
the issue of               
sometimes we give people money in order to                  them in another way as well
a person works on Wall street
spends weeks preparing for a presentation for a             
finishes with a sense of                             
sends the presentation stack to his boss
boss response "thank you, but the merger has been                   "
this person feels                 
the boss gives him a raise for the good work he did on the presentation
person still feels                       
his creation is never going to have any use and nobody else is ever going to        it
he is demotivated to work on other projects
woman works at              in a university press agency
worked on a history book for a long time
when they handed the final manuscript out the publisher decided not to print it
she was demotivated
many university professors spend years on works which they publish and nobody reads
we are motivated to do things we find meaningful
legos and                   
asked people to build bionicals for money
first group
if you            this one we will pay you $3.00
they built it
then we asked if they would like to build another one for $2.70
after each of them are built, we would put the one they build under the           
we kept offering to pay them to build these for increasingly            prices: $2.40, $2.10, etc.
at some point they stopped
they stopped
reminds us of the Myth of                 
doing the same thing again and again with no sense of progress
if the rock fell to the bottom of a        hill, you might feel some progress, but because it is the same hill, makes the task meaningless
doing the same task over and over without a sense of                  can be the ultimate demotivator
guards do this to                   
dig a hole, fill it in
move rocks, move them back
the uselessness of work will demotivate people
second group
do you want to build a bionical for $3.00 and so on lower and lower as the first group
but we would                    them and put the pieces back in the box for them to use again
people stop quicker building these the less meaning they see in it
result: we can extrapolate that one needs to pay people less the                      a job is
the                      experiment
people would                how much people would work in the meaningful and the Sysiphic condition
consultants predicted that those building bionicals in the meaningful condition would produce more
but they predicted that it would be more by about one bionical but it was about         
result: people understand the role of meaning in work, but they don't understand the              to which it is important
another question:
how much does one's love of Legos affect the number built?
expected to find a positive                       
found this in the meaningful condition
not in the meaningless condition
the meaningless condition              the joy even a joy they previously had

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