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Notes on video lecture:
Multiculturalism and Transnational Communities
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
Germany, peace, borders, mobile, Asia, Africa, religious, racism, differentiate, peacefully, origin, transnational, ourselves, dispute, immigration, vexes, themselves, conflict, emancipatory
how to live together                      in a diverse society
an issue that            societies around the world
how can people with different beliefs, backgrounds, looks, and ideas live together with as little                  as possible
                       is as old as humanity itself
100,000 years ago: the march out of              for homo sapien sapiens
modern migrations across the Atlantic or         
with globalization, immigration is accelerated
communities which exist across               
even people connecting via computer programs such as World of Warcraft
these communities are becoming more enabled by              technology
mass migration
has become a major issue in countries around the world
               over borders
two key concepts
1. nationalism
started out as an                          concept to bring about self-determination for people who self-identified and shared
a myth of             
a common language
a group identity
a desire to rule                      in opposition to an empire or centralization of power
brought about the unification of places like Italy and               
the rallying cry to come together usually comes with the rallying cry to                            ourselves with others
distinguishing ourselves in some way from others
distinguishing these others from                   
often goes hand-in-hand with              and a categorization of "us vs. them"
2. multiculturalism
societies with a mixed makeup of peoples from diverse cultures and                    heritage
othering is damaging for multicultural societies
for policy makers, multiculturalism has been a concept used to make           
create a more equal playing field for immigrants
to socially engineer a new, national identity

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Ideas and Concepts:

Anthropological word of the day, via this evening's World Anthropology course: "othering, n. the process of perceiving or portraying someone or something as fundamentally different or alien"
Multiculturalism and Transnational Communities