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Notes on video lecture:
Low Literacy's Effect on Consumer Behavior
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
individual, total, solutions, concrete, logo, numerals, abstractions, pour, product, taxes, currency, concrete, sale, health, bundled, hospital, unit, best, consumer, nutrition, context, rules, price
low literacy and                  behavior
for those with low literacy it is difficult to:
locating the               
when you can't read, it takes a long time just to find the product, so when you find one, you buy it without deciding if it is the          one
locating the right           
there are many prices:
regular price
price per kilogram
item price for                products
locate correct packages
you need 150 candles
there are packs of 10 and 100 and                      candles all with different prices
computing the price
if one item costs $1.50, how much do two cost, or twelve?
what is the price if it is 20% off?
computing            cost on a shopping trip
allowing for            if necessary
one is afraid that one won't have enough money for the taxes
how people think in low literacy consumer markets
reduce their habits to simple           
look to see what costs most, what costs less, and get the one that costs less
low-literate adults display concrete,               -dependent thinking
people with low literacy have problems with                         
don't see three products and understand that they are related
often don't think in terms of "tools" but "hammer" and "saw"
see one product and imagine a                  use for it in their lives
interest rates have to be explained in terms of                  units
"state of             " is an abstraction
low literate people may see health simply as either "in                 " and "out of hospital"
"nutrition" is an abstraction
pictographic thinking
they can remember the brand          and brand name as an image, and then either buy that product again or not
those with a very low literacy level cannot even read                 
but almost all people can tell a higher number from a lower number
they don't think of how much sugar they need in terms of units of measurements or price per         
they think of themselves backing a cake and how much sugar they          into the bowl
if you want to understand people living in subsistence and design                    for them, you have to understand how they think
Low Literacy's Effect on Consumer Behavior