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1800-1500 BCE: Kamose and Ahmose Expelling the Hyksos
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
Thebes, Hyksos, Sequenenre, Amenhotep, monotheist, Akhenaten, smashed, Avaris, Thutmose, Apophis, Delta, hippopotimi, hands, Egypt, Kab, Tutankhamun, Nubia, Kamose, Intermediate, elite, Hatshepsut, Luxor
Second                          Period (Dynasties 15-17)
1800-1500 BCE
the most important center in Egypt was the Delta city of             
ruled by the Hyksos King               
Hyksos means "foreign ruler" in Egyptian
Egypt seemed to be ruled then by a Palestinian immigrant elite
the south of Egypt
capital is             
economically poorer
ruler: Seqenenre
Apophis vs.                     
a trickster's tale
Apophis sends a letter to Sequenenre
complains that                        in the palace pool are keeping him awake
the rest of the story is lost
Sequenenre's mummy was found
his head                in
King              (1555-1550)
two stelae picked up this story
took decisive military initiatives he took against the             
complains that his area of power is sandwiched by Asiatic rule in the north (the Hyksos), and Nubian rule in the south
gives an account of campaigns through Egypt capturing large areas of territory
plundering widely
besieging the city of Avaris, in the Nile           
Ahmose I (1549–1524 BCE)
complete political control of           
began New Kingdom of Egypt (1550-1077 BCE)
18th Dynasty (1550–1298 BCE)
5.                      (1479–1458 BCE)
longest-reigning woman-pharaoh
6.                  III (1479–1425 BCE)
the Napolean of Egypt
sixth Pharaoh of 18th dynasty
9.                    III (1391–1353 BCE)
unprecedented prosperity and artistic splendor
10.                    (1353–1336 BCE)
abandoned traditional Egyptian polytheism and introducing worship centered on the Aten, a                      religion
12.                        (1332–1323 BCE)
tomb was found by Howard Carter in 1922
known as King Tut
19th Dynasty
20th Dynasty
brought up in town of El        in south
south of           
gives an account of a string of battles that include capture of Avaris
appears to be a kind of trophy
rewarded with gold, slaves and land
effects of these campaigns is the establishment of a military            in Egypt
during his reign, he completed the conquest and expulsion of the Hyksos from the delta region, restored Theban rule over the whole of Egypt and successfully reasserted Egyptian power in its formerly subject territories of            and Canaan
member of the Theban royal house

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1800-1500 BCE: Kamose and Ahmose Expelling the Hyksos