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Notes on video lecture:
Unexpectedness in Advertising
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
amazing, pattern, disappeared, novelty, real, repetition, surprising, curiosity, stick, mystery, freshly, odd, lean, more, soccer, normal, break, garden, bad, chicken, crazy, expect, violate, 1999, different, subway
unexpected element
novel and                     
one way to make ideas            is to make them unexpected
the minivan ad
set up a               
we are all thinking it will be a              minivan ad
they showed things that we              in a normal minivan ad
a child coming back from              practice
temperature controlled cup holders
like a              path
when we get into a routine, we think we know what is going to happen
then out of nowhere they broke that pattern
that                got our attention
1.                expectations by breaking a pattern
Double Tree hotels
mid-priced hotel
pretty nice rooms but not                rooms
they do one thing to            that pattern
when you check in they have                backed chocolate chip cookies
its very unusual and so people remember it
it's                    from the pattern of what we would expect
2. it's not about doing something           
we often think we have to do something completely       
dress up in a                costume
go down to the              and throw fake 100 dollar bills in the air
that would be surprising, but it wouldn't hold their attention
3. open up a curiosity gap
a                where people want to know the answer
encourages them to          forward to find out more
they want to watch the rest of the ad to figure out what is going to happen next
The Blair Witch Project
         horror movie
three student film makers who had                        while making a documentary about a local legend called the Blair Witch
viewers were told that these three hikers were never heard from again though the video footage was found a year later
everything about it made it seem like it was         
people wondered it was a real movie
it opened up a                    gap
we often think that giving          information is better advertising
but this often pushes people away
but                      of the curiosity gap can dull surprise
the sequel to the Blair Witch Project, Book of Shadows, got        reviews

Ideas and Concepts:

Simplicity via this morning's UPenn Contagious Advertising class: "Before we move to the next principle about making ideas stick, I want to give one more example of simplicity in advertising. Watch this minivan ad think about how they communicate, simply, what their message is."
Unexpectedness in Advertising