My name is Edward Tanguay. I'm an American software and web developer living and working in Berlin, Germany.


  • ASP.NET MVC - The next stage of ASP.NET, still in beta (Jan 2009), solves a lot of issues, e.g. viewstate.
  • PHP - One of the most popular, ubiquitous and useful scripting languages.
  • .NET 3.5 - The latest version of Microsoft's programming platform.
  • C# - The most popular language for the .NET platform, quickly passing Java in innovation.
  • Visual Studio .NET - The prefered IDE for developing in .NET.
  • ASP.NET - Microsoft's framework for building web sites.
  • CSS - Now that we have semi-compatible browsers (Firefox, IE7, Safari, Opera), using ccascading style sheets is even starting to be fun, but does not come without hours and hours of frustration leaving floats, etc. Advice for web developers: learning something about CSS every day.
  • SVN - The prefered choice for version control these days.
  • jQuery - jQuery is quickly becoming THE Javascript library of choice (surpassing Prototype), it is simple and powerful (chaining), and plugins are easy to write for it. It is also now included in Microsoft's ASP.NET MVC.