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Notes on video lecture:
Telemachus and Theoclymenus
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
hovering, ship, middle, aristocrat, murderer, Zeus, Ithaca, outside, blood, Eumaeus, Athena, epic
while Odysseus is making his connections with               
             tells Telemachus to get going
appears to him in a dream
gods in dreams often came as                  pretense
a standard feature of how          poetry works
Homer understands that dreams come in the              of the night and a god or goddess will take a particular form, hover over a persons head, and say, hey, why are you asleep, you have all this stuff to worry about
a turning point for Telemachus [tah-LEM-mah-kus]
takes off to             
meets Theoclymenus [thee-oh-CLIGH-men-us]
running away from his home town
wants passage to Ithaca
Telemachus takes him with him on his         
startling for readers because Theoclymenus is a                 
in Homeric times, the idea of having a            guilt because you killed someone and therefore were an exile
didn't mean you were a crazed murder
often times such a person was seen as an aristocrat who got into an argument with another                      and they came to a duel, and one had to kill the other, which was tough luck for both of them
name Theoclymenus
"Theo" = god, "clymenus" = hear
can read signs
stranger from the                world
sense of spookiness: "careful, strangers might come from         "
making connection with Odysseus
Odysseus listens to his story
is gathering information about his home and how it has changed since he left
getting prepared
Telemachus is on his way back
will start a series of reunions
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