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How to call an unknown function on an unknown class with unknown parameters
The call_user_func_array function can help you build some pretty flexible framework code in PHP, here's the syntax to call a function on an existing object.

$pm = new PresentationManager();
echo $pm->displayTest('the title', 'the footer', 5);

$params = array( 'the title2', 'the footer2', 10);
echo call_user_func_array(array($pm, 'displayTest'), $params);

class PresentationManager {

    function displayTest($title, $footer, $numberOfItems = 0) {
        $r = '';
        $r .= '<div>'.$title.'</div>';
        for($index = 0; $index < $numberOfItems; $index++) {
            $r .= '<div>the text</div>';
        $r .= '<div>'.$footer.'</div>';
        return $r;
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