CLOJURE FORAY: setup and use clojure in ubuntu
added on Jul 4, 2012 | permalink
Setup and use clojure in ubuntu
- install
    - get ubuntu running in virtualbox
    - reading this guide
        - sudo apt-get install clojure
        - quote: Debian is the rock upon which Ubuntu is built.
        - last thing it said was "ldconfig deferred processing now taking place", seems to have installed
        - yes I get user=>
- did: (defn hello [name] (str "Hello, " name)), ok
- clojure basics
- define variable x to true
- another way to define z as true (constantly)
- define and execute a function:
- how to do a loop:
- how to call java from clojure:
- leiningen
    - how to download and install Leiningen:
        - download lein script
- create a new project:
- add a new dependency: