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Snowy Weekend Run, KDW and Back
01:30:00 - Didn't do my weekend run this morning so got out at 7:30 P.M. into the dark, brought a video back to the video store (Peter Pan -- nice flying effects) and then took off down Munsterdamm to where Grazer Damm runs into the Autobahn on ramp, just kept on running onto it because I know there is a short cut over to Schöneberg there, there is a person-wide walkway to run on both sides all the way across but I wouldn't call it exactly recommended for runners, especially if traffic is heavy, which it wasn't tonight so in about 10 minutes I made it across and entered Schöneberg, ran up Dominicusstr. up to KDW then back down the regular route. Listened to Stackoverflow #41 where they had Uncle Bob on as a guest, Joel apologized for a couple shows ago ("people who stress SOLID principles must not be programming very much") which was the right thing to do, and they got into how much projects should align themselvs to Bob's SOLID principles, or not, conversation interesting, Joel pressing pragmatics (just ship all the libraries with your product and be done with it) and Uncle Bob pressing the SOLID principles but after Joel's comment that if you are not in C++ projects its a bit of overkill, Bob got pretty holier than thou (too many bad programmers out there) without saying much helpful about how programmers could improve their skills, etc. anyway at that point my MP3 battery conveniently died, stopped at a gas station, got a ice tea and some new batteries (too cold to run without environment-enhancing audio tonight) and listened to a decent short podcast about donating your time to schools by starting a computer club etc. first-hand experience from a New Zealander Nathan Torkington who got his son's school connected with 10 Ubuntu PCs and talks about good projects to do (robots are out), a funny talk as well. Well, before running, MSN-chatted with my brother Pete who told me to try out running with a "midfoot strike" because "landing on your heels is like hitting the brakes with every stride", I got into a good choppy stride leaning forward "letting gravity pull me like a pickup" and landing flat on my foot. If you are constantly pushing off with your toes, you are using your calves and "calves cannot run a marathon" so you need to let your thighs and shoulders do more work. I'm excited about it, it makes sense and actually makes my back feel better when I run. To the mid-strike, good night!
The sound of running 'midfoot strike' down an empty West Berlin street at night.
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