3.9 stars

feb 11 - good herding code podcast on IOC, Git vs. mercurial, clojure's relationship to lisp

  • "we're going to talk about how wrong Uncle Bob is in order to spark off 50 other podcasts"
  • "you can use anything badly and end up with something hard to manage"
  • "in order to get the benefit out of IOC you have to turn your app over to it and let the magic happen"
  • what is a technology that converts javascript into javascript classes
    rhino, intended to be used in server-side applications, wiki
  • "I always use the number of mocks I have to set up as an indicator of code smell"
  • a good mocking library for .NET 3.5
  • "that's lisp, magic inside the parentheses, that's it, that's the whole language"
  • "clojure is a lisp-like language that removes teh necessity of magic inside the parentheses"
  • what enhances concurrency for online transaction processing (OLTP) applications
    sql server snapshot isolation, more info
  • "clojure is lisp with multithreaded programming"
  • "clojure is lisp that works well in java environments"
  • "I saw lisp as scripting language in audacity and gimp"
  • "'we cannot install that functional language on the server' doesn't fly anymore because .NET and Java are everywhere"
  • "saas is fueling the current language explosion"
  • event-driven network programming framework written in Python
    Twisted, wiki
  • where to host mercurial
    bitbucket, more info
  • "I only have so much mental energy to learn different distributed version control systems"
  • "if you are a control freak, git is not for you"
  • "I might expense an ipad but I would never buy one"
  • "I've scaled way back on blogs, I get most of my information from twitter links now"

Notes on other podcasts:

Most of what I currently listen to is .NET related and quite a bit on technology in general and how it is impacting society. I listen to an occasional historical or philosophical podcast.

I record these notes as a way of extracting the gems and remember facts from these podcasts: phrases that ring true or new terms that I look up later. If you see someone walking around Berlin speaking short phrases into his cell phone every couple minutes, that's me.

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