4.1 stars

feb 8 - good philosophy podcast discussion on the relationship between hume and rousseau, good conversation, lucid

  • "rousseau was the first modern celebrity"
  • "socrates was a model of how a philosopher should die"
  • "voltaire's hatred of rousseau grew to the point of obsession"
  • this is a good podcast if you want to get a sense of the personalities of and relationships between these philosophers and not only there ideas

Notes on other podcasts:

Most of what I currently listen to is .NET related and quite a bit on technology in general and how it is impacting society. I listen to an occasional historical or philosophical podcast.

I record these notes as a way of extracting the gems and remember facts from these podcasts: phrases that ring true or new terms that I look up later. If you see someone walking around Berlin speaking short phrases into his cell phone every couple minutes, that's me.

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