5 stars

mar 10 - awesome podcast: david siegel talking on the semantic web in a way that finally makes sense

  • "the semantic web is not defined by RDF and ontolgies, it's defined by this: (1) it is semantic, (2) is it on the web"
  • "get it into HTML as late in the game as possible"
  • "the semantic in semantic web simply means: unambigious"
  • "a good example of how things are broken is how you send a youtube link to somebody: gwYApDutOpA means nothing to me"
  • "we need names that people can understand and names that computers can understand"
  • "we don't really have a good namespace yet for wine"
  • "the governing of namespaces is going to be more and more important in the future"
  • "pull is going to come to your business: I don't care if you're a plumber, an orchestra leader, or a dentist" (david siegel)
  • "pull will come to every business, TV is an example: in a few years you will have access to any program, any place, any time, any screen"
  • "what will be the killer application that will bring the semantic web into the consumer space?"
  • "in ten years we're going to have hard drives in our lives? I don't think so, it'll just be silicon"
  • "in ten years from now, it'll be the online data locker that will be the place you store information: safe, secure, open format"
  • "this concept of the semantic data locker leads to the death of windows, mac, and linux"
  • "the future: millions of cheap, cheap screens that show the internet and all the data is somewhere else"
  • "in the future in the movie industry, you'll just set up your scene, turn gravity to on, and shop for actors"
  • "any company can pull together all your medical information for $750, the only person who can't legally do it is you"
  • "when I go in to get an MRI, I want to keep my MRI and control who gets it, its my MRI"
  • "it's amazing how product offerings come in right at your child, you should be able to control that"
  • "it's the online data locker that will increase our data security and give us control of it, unlike the situation today"
  • "by putting all your information in one place you'll be able to afford the best security you can get to protect it"
  • "that's the thing about bits, it's a perfect copy"
  • "facebook doesn't get a very good scorecard for semantics"
  • "I don't see facebook as a good example of an online datalocker because it's a closed silo"
  • "account portability is a fundamental precept of the coming semantic web, facebook doesn't do this"
  • "the future of package delivery is: you write =jimsmith on the left and =joesmith on the right, and joe pulls it to him however he wants"
  • "if you have a package sitting in a warehouse somewhere and you want it now, you should be able to pay a carrier to get it to you"
  • "phone numbers are like ip addresses, I don't type in your ip address to get your website, the phone system today is backwards"
  • "there's nothing in place today if I change my phone number to inform everyone who has my phone number"
  • "when I hire people I just use their LinkedIn profile as their resume"
  • "how about this: as you do your job, your resume automatically updates itself"
  • "that's the missing piece about the standards evolving around identity, they don't take into account time, I don't just want to know who you are, I want to know who you were at a certain point in the past"
  • "in 1995 bill gates envisions how great it will be when all our documents are online, but we don't want those documents online, they don't semantically share their information"
  • "if we're all using open id, we are not just storing our passwords anywhere where they are available to any entry level person"
  • "the sooner we can all have icards, the better"
  • "instead than using facebook to store all our information, it should be online, independent, and I have full control of it"
  • "only a handful of people have access to the full twitter feed, you have to buy your way into it"
  • "I can't wait for the company that says: click here to export your facebook stuff to our open platform"
  • "hey facebook: you can get YOUR information from MY online data locker, rather than the other way around"
  • "every time I take a shower I have some semantic web idea" (david siegel)
  • "look at the world of ratings: why can't we give one rating to a book and have that radiated meaningfully everywhere?"
  • "most people would be willing to rate a product while their using it"
  • "someone is going to figure out how to make meta tags so you can rate your golf clubs on the course while you're using them"
  • "bowling alleys had semantic web idea back in 1990: the results of your bowl is digitized and recorded as soon as the pins hit the floor"
  • "power-tagging: rating a product as you use it with simple tags"
  • "we are 1% into the semantic web"
  • "the semantic web is a great startup opportunity: start with simple things and work your way up"

Notes on other podcasts:

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