4 stars

mar 9 - good colin marshall podcast interviewing Ian Ayres on coming importance of supercrunching and statistics

  • "we're going to have to get used to the fact that machines will beat us at statistical prediction, but at least for the present, to hypothesize is essentially human"
  • "thinking by numbers is the new way to be smart"
  • "he was able to predict the quality of bordeaux vintages by supercrunching numbers about rainfall and weather patterns"
  • "statistical prediction often does better than legal experts"
  • "everybody in law knows that the supreme court hates california"
  • "over the last 15 years, supercrunching has become better than intuition"
  • "looking someone in the eye and deciding if they are a bad risk to lend to was a bad business model"
  • "if I were in highschool and good at math, I would seriously get into statistics and supercrunching"
  • "when we rely on bad supercrunching in medicine, people can lose their lives"
  • "metasupercrunching: supercrunching supercrunched statistics"
  • "supercrunching algorithms can admit the percentage of time that they are right and wrong, human experts have a problem with that"
  • "definitely when you are into terabytes, I'd call that supercrunching, but it's more the speed, and that can happen on smaller datasets"
  • "in a world where your website is getting millions of hits a day, you can run a randomized experiment to decide whether you should show a kitten or puppy on the first page"
  • "graphic designers aren't smarter than a large group of 5th graders crowdsourced to find out what they like" (ian ayres)
  • "poor man's supercrunching: create adword ads for your site and look at the click-through rates on each"
  • "intuative people will still be needed but they need to be able to put their efficiency to the test"
  • "I want ads targeted toward me"
  • "from a statistics perspective, most of our relatives have died in vain, medical histories have just been thrown away"
  • "the problem about medical records is doctors weren't uniform in how they kept them"
  • "we should donate our medical data for altruistic supercrunching just as we should donate our organs"
  • "no one should leave college without a course in statistics"
  • "if you don't have an intuitive sense of what standard deviation is, then you are on the wrong side of the supercrunching divide"
  • "statistics should replace calculus as the capstone math course of highschool, it's much more useful and important in life"
  • "supercrunching is the new fortune telling"

Notes on other podcasts:

Most of what I currently listen to is .NET related and quite a bit on technology in general and how it is impacting society. I listen to an occasional historical or philosophical podcast.

I record these notes as a way of extracting the gems and remember facts from these podcasts: phrases that ring true or new terms that I look up later. If you see someone walking around Berlin speaking short phrases into his cell phone every couple minutes, that's me.

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