4.9 stars

mar 8 - nice Colin Marshall interview with Edward Champion on interviewing, authenticity and the cultural/intellectual scene

  • "since the rise of Obama there's been a terrible decline in civil disagreement, so much so that we are afraid to disagree with each other anymore"
  • who wrote Twighlight?
    stephanie meyer, wiki
  • "if you don't like stephanie meyer, find out why people do like stephanie meyer"
  • "you can find out why someone gets excited about the sports page without yourself getting excited about the sports page"
  • who wrote the rabbit series
    john updike, wiki
  • "if there is not something evolutionary about what you do, it's not worth doing, we don't need cogs"
  • what does david lynch practice?
    TM = Transcendental Meditation, wiki
  • "I did ask david lynch if he understood his own films because no one else had asked him that yet"
  • "an interview is just as much about capturing someone in the present as it is about capturing their complete works"
  • "what? you're supposed to have questions in advance? I thought the point was to have a weird conversation"
  • "why would you want to warp the natural way people talk?"
  • "how much of a person should an interviewer be?"
  • who did the Late Late Show?
    tom snyder, wiki
  • "I've always liked the idea of having an alter ego"
  • "buster keaton and peter sellers were great at escaping and not giving you anything of themselves"
  • who is the host of Fresh Air?
    terry gross, wiki
  • "now we get the terry gross who's a little odd, and I would like to see her a little odder, I would like to see her go crazy"
  • "I may be a tough interviewer, but you're not going to see anybody cry on my show, I'm not going to put a camera in their face and grill them until they cry like on a barbara walters interview, it's not valuable in understanding who these people are"
  • "I have a lot of moments in these interviews when someone wants to kick us out of a restaurant or cafe, I leave those parts in"
  • "having a little chatter in the background and talking in a natural environment does make a different I've found, it gets people to be truer to who they are"
  • "that's why I don't talk to actors, unless I know that the actor has a brain, or a heart, or is willing to think on their toes"
  • "our celebrity culture encourages these actors not to think on their toes"
  • "I go into these interviews wanting my opinion of these people to change"
  • "you can't possible entirely think that way, can you?"
  • "it's tough being an author this year since so many of the big boys have books coming out"
  • "for example we have dan carlin's hardcore history, this is a guy who's extremely, almost frighteningly, passionate about history, he's got a lot of energy, he's read everything, shouting at the top of his lungs about the magna charta being signed, this is great, this is what we need"
  • "when you make it pallatable to a large audience, you start taking away things that are intereresting"
  • "I think the grammar girl is boring, I would rather have a conversation with a librarian who has worked 12 hours straight"
  • "as long as you talk true, that's what matters"
  • "do the best podcasts get watered down because of their popularity or are they popular because they are watered down"
  • who was lead singer of the kinks?
    ray davies, wiki
  • "all the people who I admire throughout cultural history have been people who had the right idea at the wrong time, like ray davies of the kinks"
  • "there is no one right way to express passion"

Notes on other podcasts:

Most of what I currently listen to is .NET related and quite a bit on technology in general and how it is impacting society. I listen to an occasional historical or philosophical podcast.

I record these notes as a way of extracting the gems and remember facts from these podcasts: phrases that ring true or new terms that I look up later. If you see someone walking around Berlin speaking short phrases into his cell phone every couple minutes, that's me.

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