3.7 stars

feb 27 - good podcast on the role of a chief cultural officer and why companies need one

  • "we each exist as the ideas other people have of us, that's why culture is important"
  • "the current trend is just 10% of culture"
  • "does steve jobs somehow get external culture in ways that we don't?"
  • "everybody under 35 has no knowledge of what the Waltons is"
  • who designed the I heart new york symbol?
    milton glaser, 1977, wiki
  • "qualities of good chief cultural officers: consume a ton of media, curious as martians with flat-eyed attention, and lots of humility"
  • new trend:false eyelashes with casual clothes

Notes on other podcasts:

Most of what I currently listen to is .NET related and quite a bit on technology in general and how it is impacting society. I listen to an occasional historical or philosophical podcast.

I record these notes as a way of extracting the gems and remember facts from these podcasts: phrases that ring true or new terms that I look up later. If you see someone walking around Berlin speaking short phrases into his cell phone every couple minutes, that's me.

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