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C O U R S E 
The Rise of Superheroes and Their Impact On Pop Culture
Michael Uslan, Smithsonian Institute
C O U R S E   L E C T U R E 
1954: Fredric Wertham's Impact on the Comic Book Industry
Notes taken on October 12, 2017 by Edward Tanguay
the era of the Comics Code Authority (1954)
was impacting publishers, editors, writers and artists of the comic characters
considered by many in the comic book industry to be the the Dark Ages of comic books in the 1950s
interview with Stan Lee (1922-), former editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics
Fredric Wertham
went on a campaign to convince people that comic books were the cause of the post WWII rise in juvenile delinquency
wrote a book "Seduction of the Innocent"
Stan Lee had been a fan of Frederic Wertham
Lee had written a book called Dark Legend
he had someone who went around and made speeches for him
he took a cover Stan Lee had made with a giraffe sticking his head through a hole eating an apple, and suggested that it was something unethical
interviewed one hundred juvenile delinquents
all said they read a comic book
the causal connection was questionable
Fredric Wertham on Superman
"Superman needs an endless stream of new sub-men, criminals, and foreign looking people, not only to justify his existence, but even to make it possible. It is this feature that engenders in children one or the other of two attitudes. Either they fantasize themselves as supermen, with the attendant prejudices against the sub-men, or it makes them remissive and receptive to the blandishments of strong men who will solve all their social problems for them by force."
the Comics Code Authority
they were looking for things that were too violent or too sexy
in general, one didn't have to worry about it
they had a comic book that had a western theme
they had a picture of a man who was shooting a gun with a bullet coming out of the gun
it was sent back as being too violent and it had to be redrawn
Stan Lee call the Comics Code office
the man said that the puff of smoke was too big