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C O U R S E 
History of Rock, 1970-Present
John Covach, University of Rochester
C O U R S E   L E C T U R E 
Late 80s Indie Rock Underground
Notes taken on March 22, 2017 by Edward Tanguay
among the commercial enterprises in the late 1980s
the was developing an alternative, off-the-radar music community
brought music to people in other ways
hard core punk did this as well
college radio and college rock
in the 1970s, AM radio dominated the music scene
FM radio had
classical music
university correspondence courses
religious programming
many radios didn't even have an FM band to tune these stations in
Tom Donahue (1928-1975) launched FM Rock and FM Free Form
in 1980s, colleges often had their own radio stations
most of them are only interested in broadcasting to the campus itself and surrounding apartments
students are given pretty free reign
isn't driven to sell commercial minutes
they tend to play and say anything they want
became part of a movement to bring music that was unsuitable to a crowd looking for something different
very changeable, since students come and go
Indie Music becomes popular on college radio stations
provides venues for groups to come and do shows at universities
Indie bands
Athens, Georgia
Michael Stipe
Peter Buck
formed in 1980
I.R.S. Records
1987 Document
big commercial success for an Indie label
"The One I Love"
left I.R.S. Records
went with a major label
sold out in a way
Warner Bros.
told them they could do what they wanted
1988 Green
1991 Out of Time
"Losing My Religion"
"Shiny Happy People"
make them into international rock stars
Dinosaur Jr.
Amherst, Massachusetts
J. Mascis
Lou Barlow
1987 Your Living All Over Me
1988 Bug
signed to the Sire label
had signed punk bands, e.g. Blondie in the 70s
from Boston
Frank Black
Kim Deal
1988 Surfer Rosa
1989 Doolittle
signed with 4AD
Sonic Youth
Thurston Moor
"No Wave" reacting again New Wave
from New York
one of the most critically acclaimed bands out of the Indie scenes
Noise Rock
avant garde
1988 Daydream Nation
praised by Indie magazines
released by Enigma
signed with Geffen
The Smiths
from the UK
got played a lot on the U.S. college radio
success in UK
led by Morrisey
Johnny Marr
1984 The Smiths
"What Difference Does it Make?"
1985 Meat is Murder
1986 The Queen is Dead