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History of Rock, 1970-Present
John Covach, University of Rochester
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Other Groups Who Benefited from MTV
Notes taken on May 31, 2016 by Edward Tanguay
artists who had success in the early years of MTV
"Second British Invasion"
because of the shortage of videos at the beginning of MTV, many groups benefited who may not have otherwise gotten much attention
because they came from England and because it was part of their usual marketing to prepare a video, they had one available
Bow Wow Wow
Adam and the Ants
A Flock of Seagulls
Howard Jones
Thomas Dolby
Duran Duran
from Birmingham
combined synthesizer with guitar-heavy New Wave
music driven by infectious dance beats
1982 Hungry Like a Wolf
1984 The Reflex
Culture Club
gender ambivalent
was a guy dressed up like a woman
but obviously so
1982 Do You Really Want to Hurt Me
1983 Karma Chameleon
keyboard, synthesizer by Dave Stewart
Annie Lennox
came out of London
synth-pop sound
dance music that is very much dominated by synthesizer sounds and a drum machine
combined with
soulful vocals by Annie Lennox
like 60s and 70s soul
deep, expressive
wide ranging and interesting voice
1983 Sweet Dreams Are Made of This
had a video that juxtaposed a corporate board room with a farmer field with cows
ambitious with the use of images and concepts
1984 Here Comes the Rain Again
Tears for Fears
name influenced by primal scream therapy
Roland Orzibal
Curt Smith
serious tracks that had serious lyrics, complicated music, longer tracks
1985 Songs from the Big Chair
#1 in the US, #2 in the UK
Everybody Wants to Rule the World
the American music business was gearing up and finding out that these videos could actually sell records
girl groups
dance-beat oriented New Wave groups in which the personnel is entirely women
not just singing, playing drums and base
The Go-Gos
Belinda Carlisle
1981 Beauty and the Beat
"We Got the Beat"
were on tour opening for the Police
it was awkward to be the opening band with a hit that was higher on the charts than the main band
The Bangles
Susanna Hoffs on guitar and vocals
"Different Light" (1986)
"Manic Monday", #2 hit in UK and the United States
written by "Christopher", a pen name for Prince
"Walk Like an Egyptian" (1986)
Cyndi Lauper
out of Queens in New York City
with Janet Jackson, one person who challenged Madonna
1983 She's So Unusual
before the Like a Virgin album that Madonna brought out
"Girls Just Want to Have Fun"
"Time After Time"
"She Bop"
there had been a controversy around the Rolling Stones "I can't get no satisfaction"
"All Through the Night"
she was on MTV frequently
1986 True Colors
"True Colors"
"Change of Heart"
Kinky Boots
Broadway Musical that Cyndi Lauper wrote all the music for
was just as popular as Madonna in the early-80s
Janet Jackson doesn't entered a little later
the Go-Go's and the Bangels
compared to past decades, many more all-women bands
argument: when music became visual with MTV, women became more popular since the male audience would rather see a woman sing than a man
but these women were taking control of their own music and careers
aren't just the pawns or front-persons in male-dominated businesses