What is Datapod?

Datapod is a text-based format like XML, JSON or CSV. It is both human-readable and schematically rich which means it is simple enough to use to jot down notes, plan projects, send around in e-mail, yet in the same form it is robust enough to be used as a schematic datasource across the Internet. For instance, you can keep data in a Google Document which is used as the datasource for multiple websites and applications. The text on this web site, for example, is coming from a Google Document, which you can view here.

What are Datapod frameworks?

The left-hand column lists the frameworks that are available to enable various technologies to easily read datapod formatted files. I am building each of these frameworks from the ground up with the goal that no matter what technology you are developing in, you can easily create, process, and display schematic data from anywhere on the Internet. The most advanced and active implementation of Datapod is Datapod for PHP which allows you to set up a PHP website that uses text files in Datapod format as a data source.

Could you show me an example?